Friday, February 5, 2016

Groundhogs Day

I have been MIA on here the last two weeks because I have been busy creating my own curriculum for Febraury to better fit my teaching style and my students needs. It has been so fun for me to create everything for the week. Here are some of the fun activities from this week celebrating groundhogs Day and practicing a few letters. 

We used tissue paper and modge podge to make these adorable Minions for the letter M.
We practiced our drawing and tracing skills by tracing a path for the Groundhog to get to his flower. 
We made these adorable Groundhogs Masks and learned all about Punxatawny Phil. 
We put together a fun Groundhog Day puzzle to practice the numbers 1-10. 
I felt like this week flowed so much better and my students learned so much more. I will be making all of my own curriculum in the future!! 

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