Friday, July 29, 2016

Quiet Book Pages

For the past year my sons nap time was filled with teaching piano and preschool. This summer I've taken advantage of his naps to work on a few personal projects of my own and create documents for teachers pay teachers. My newest fun project is this quiet book for him to use at church, in the car, and all sorts of fun places. He loves it (especially the dog page) and I already am making plans for my next one! Below are pictures and small descriptions of each page. Feel free to use these for your own ideas! I know I got many of my ideas from Pinterest. 

This video link here takes you to a tutorial on binding a quiet book...but ALL of her videos are amazing. I had started my quiet book one way and after seeing her videos tore it apart and began again. She goes through the page prep, binding, and even specific pages if you'd like step by step. She is amazing! 

The cover: Pretty simple and fun. I loved incorporating all of the fabrics I had used throughout the book. 

 I got the idea for my hippo page here but changed it to fit my own style. The only thing I will be changing is adding a real toothbrush. My son likes to take the toothbrush and put it in his mouth and I'd prefer it to be a real toothbrush and not felt :)

 A car page was a must for my car loving son. He drives it all over this page and all the others pages in the book! My car page spans 2 pages, one mostly to hold the cars. 
The anchor fabric is a pocket to hold the cars.
 I wanted to throw in some counting, so this jelly fish page uses beads that count from 1-8.
 Since I LOVE owls over here at Little Owl Academy I had to have an owl page. This is a puzzle where all 4 pieces are secured by velcro and can easily be removed and added back on. I got the original idea for this page here.
 Since my extended family and husband love to jeep this jeeping page was fun to make. It incorporates a jeep, the family business Teraflex symbol to hold extra tires, and extra tires that my son can change.

 Around the 4th of July I got the idea for this easy and fun flag page. We practice counting, patterns, colors, and the star is a fun touch and feel.
 The spider page idea stemmed from this page. I like the look of the bigger spider I created. The legs are fun to play with!
I saw lots of ideas for lions on Pinterest. It was fun to find the beads and ribbons to make this touch and feel page.

I've been daydreaming today of how fun it would be, if I was truly ambitious, to create a quiet book for every month for my son and for preschool students. It would be a great quiet activity and teach them SO much! It would be a perfect early finisher activity or a center for your preschool...maybe someday!

Happy Teaching and Sewing! 

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