Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy First Day of School!

Welcome to the First Day of School!!

We had a girl party today at our Little Owl Academy. It was a wonderful first day of school! Out of our two little boys who are supposed to come on Wednesday's, one is on vacation, and one doesn't begin until October because he is moving here from Utah. So, us girls had a party today as we kicked off the year.

I couldn't have asked for more sweet little ones to be in my class. They were kind, funny, full of singing voices, and very intuitive. 

We kicked off the day by drawing a picture in their journal of what they love to do. We had been talking about Barbie's, so all girls ended up drawing about Barbie's. I'm sure they love to play with them as well. 

We then worked on a tracing paper. I wanted to get a feel for how these little ones hold their pencils and crayons and draw. We did wonderful at our straight line drawing practice. 

Then we turned our focus to the color Red. Red, Red, everywhere. We played, "I spy something red." Sang "Way up high in the apple tree" (which is why the apples are the way they are on the whiteboard, they got to come put them back up after they 'fell off.'), and we "read" sentences about the color red. 

We then made a special apple art project. It was super easy and fun. It was great for those in my group who had never used glue before. They had to glue each square on individually. I had prepared the pieces before hand. They all did wonderful! Here's the link to where I found this fun art project. 

We then held our first Math lesson: all about the number 1. We glued 1 apple on our apple tree. They did even better with glue the second time around. 

It was a perfect day to start off our preschool. Several little ones were a bit nervous. But soon, all the girls in the class were playing with a friend, coloring with a friend, singing with a friend, and talking with a friend. It was so fun to see friendships pop up so quickly!

Happy Day 1 of Preschool! 

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