Friday, September 25, 2015

Open, Shut, Open, Shut, That's the Way We Cut, Cut, Cut!

We had another magical and fun week at Little Owl Academy!

Our main focus this week was on the color YELLOW and on the letters A and T. I'm quickly realizing that all the other little things we practice along the way are just as important too: 
-Scissor Skills
-Saying no nicely to someone who wants to take your toy
-Saying please and thank you
-How to share
-Holding our pencil correctly
-What length our stick glue needs to be at to use properly
-How much liquid glue do we use?
-Following Directions

It's all these little things and more that are making up our two hours together, and I love it.

This we we had a chant to help us remember our letter A and letter A:

A: Down, Up, Down, Up, Across the middle then we stop
a: circle, circle, circle, circle, then a line

At first I thought they wouldn't remember my silly little chants, but all of them were saying it to themselves as they practiced writing their letters on our letter worksheet. 


Cutting has been something we've worked on every day as well. My students are at all levels when it comes to using scissors. My students have really gotten into this chant I found online, that for the life of me I cannot find the source for again! So Sorry! But, it goes like this:

Open, Shut, Open, Shut, that's the way we cut, cut, cut.
Fingers on the bottom, thumb on top.
Do not let the paper drop!
Open, Shut, Open, Shut, that's the way we cut, cut, cut. 

To celebrate the color Yellow this week, we made sun art project, red the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears (her hair in my book is bright yellow) and acted it out, put together a yellow bus puzzle, made a yellow bus art project, and learn "The Wheels on the Bus!" 

I found this fantastic website where you can create your own writing practice worksheets. I've seen them before, but this one by far is my favorite. I printed off a page for each student with their own name all down it. Each day we have practiced writing their name on their worksheet. To save me from having to print it off every day, I simply laminated each page and we are writing on it in white board markers. This is something so simple and easy you could do at home to practice letters and writing their name as well! Go here to make your own! 

It's been great to really be into the swing of things and already see lots of improvements in school behavior, learning skills, and knowledge. I have an amazing group of little kiddos and I feel so lucky to be their teacher! 

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