Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 2!

We had such a fun week at Little Owl Academy this week! My little students are starting to interact more with one another, remember each others names, and play together. I know that making friends and working with new friends is a big part of preschool, so I am so excited to have it happen.

This week our color focus was BLUE. We wore the color blue and had blue show and tell. We had some wonderful blue items brought to show!

Our letters this week were C and M. We all quickly learned the letter songs, learned how to trace the letters, learned what sound the letters made, but writing the letters was a little tricky. We practiced on white boards, in the air, on paper with crayons, markers, and pencils, and I really think by the end of the week, most of the students got it. The great thing is, we can keep practicing the rest of the year!

For the letter M we made an M is for macaroni art project. They were all very sad to find out the macaroni wasn't cooked so we couldn't eat it. 

For the letter C we did a couple of things, but on Thursday we made Cars. We used this pattern here, but instead of using tissue paper (which I have found to get very runny and make messy colorful hands with liquid glue) we used construction paper squares. We practiced the sound at the beginning of Car and then we took our cars down into my basement and drove them on the car course. I used painters tape and bits and pieces around my house to create a course. There were bridges and tunnels, round a bouts and turns, and they drove their car on the track. 

After a couple of times around the track a few of our cars lost their tires, so I had back up toy cars for them to use. 

These students were especially carefully driving across the bridge. They didn't want their cars to fall into the "water." 

Then to wrap up the week we practiced writing our names. A couple of my students already know how to write their name, but most cannot yet. So we began by tracing our name in crayon and then stamping it out with stamp markers. This student especially got into the stamping and created quite the masterpiece.

I am having more and more fun each day getting to know my little students. They have been so kind, funny, silly, and hard working. And, they're especially good when my baby Brody joins in the party near the end. It's pretty hard when you're 3 and 4 to know you don't get play time when the baby is playing with toys on the floor, but they do so well with Brody! 

Week 3 here we come! 

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