Friday, October 16, 2015

We Love October!

October and preschool go perfectly together.
There's pumpkins, Halloween, fall leaves, dressing up, fire safety, and beautiful weather. What more could we ask for!

We began this week by learning the song, "I'm a Mean Old Witch." While in Utah this weekend my niece Alivia sang this for me, and it reminded me of learning it when I was in preschool myself. I couldn't wait to teach it to my students. They love it! They especially love that there's a part where you have to be a sneaky witch and say "BOO!"

After learning the song we drew our own "Mean Old Witches."
Using basic shapes I started with the body, the head, the hat, then the broom, and finally the cat. It was a great listening and following directions activity. I love how their witches turned out! 

 Our theme for this week was the color ORANGE. Perfect for October and Halloween. I found the idea for these adorable pumpkins here, but because we're moving and I don't want to get paint on our carpet for the new owners, I tweaked it a bit.

I cut out all of the pieces, but they had to put it together to make their own happy, sad, silly, or mad pumpkin! 

I LOVE the way they turned out and that they were all so unique. 

To finish off our week we learned the letter F. This also lined up great because October is Fire Safety Awareness month. We had a wonderful parent donate fire hats, stickers, bracelets, and fire coaster for the kids. We put on our fire hats and became honorary firefighters for the day! 

We practiced firefighter drills like running, carrying something heavy, and holding the hose.

Then we practiced Stop, Drop, and Roll and learned a fun 911 song. 

By the end of class Brody had woken up just in time to get his own fireman hat, although he wouldn't ever keep it on when I went to take a picture. 

To wrap up the week this week I am bleaching and deep cleaning the classroom. I worked at a Montessori school in high school. I was just an aid in their after school day care. But, in the year and a half I worked there I only remembering bleaching the toys twice. I made it my goal when opening my preschool to do it every two weeks. I want my classroom to be as clean and germ free as it can so all the kiddos can keep coming to school and not stay home sick! 

Onto more fun next week! 

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