Friday, November 6, 2015

Dinosaurs, archaeologists, leaves, and more!

We had quite the adventuresome week here at Little Owl Academy. We started off the week by learning about the letter D. We talked about dinosaurs and dinosaur bones. We quickly became archaeologists and "Dug" for dinosaur bones. I'm sad because all of my pictures of this were blurry (okay I only took 2!), but I filled large bowls full of uncooked rice. We used spoons as our shovels. In the bowl was filled with puzzle pieces to make a giant dinosaur, and other treasures (dinosaur erasers and more). They had to carefully dig through the rice to find the treasures, just like an archaeologist would, and then we put our puzzle pieces together.

We topped off the fun by making these adorable D is for Dinosaur craft. I found the idea here, and just tweaked it a tiny bit. I loved the way they turned out! 

Then we learned about the letter W. We spent a lot of time practicing the difference between a W and an M (That is a hard concept!). We loved singing about a Wiggly Waterbed (idea here), and then we made our very own worms. (Idea here). I just love modern technology and that I can find so many fun ideas for the preschool online! 

My favorite activity of the week was our Fall leaves tree. We discussed Fall, what it means, and the changing of the weather. 

To make this tree I found some colorful tissue paper at the Dollar Tree. I cut it into little squares. I had red and yellow paper. Then, using the end of a pencil, we folded the tissue paper around the pencil, dipped it in elders glue, and held it on the tree for 5 seconds. When they were all complete the tree was covered in leaves. 

This tree was just getting started on their leaves. 

I loved this project, because before I knew it the kiddos had turned it into a Math lesson. They wanted to hold their leaves on there for more than 5 seconds. We had everyone counting to 20, and beyond. It was so fun!

I am excited for the next few weeks ahead at Little Owl Academy. I have 3 days in our current classroom, and then we are moving to a new home. The new preschool is going to be SO BIG! I cannot wait! I want to say a big THANK YOU to my supportive parents who are being patient with this move and the little further drive some of them have to take. Pictures will soon be coming of the new location! 

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