Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Location Excitement!

It's been a whirlwind of a week at Little Owl Academy. But, thanks to A LOT of support from family members and friends, we moved to our new location (my husband and I bought a new home) and we are all set up and ready to go. 

Can I just say I am in LOVE with my new preschool room. It's exactly what I dreamed of when I started teaching preschool. It has a nice layout with the perfect amount of designated learning spaces. There is now a play area, learning/calendar area, art table, working table, music corner, and a reading corner. 

Introducing my students to the preschool was the best part. They were all so excited! I let their parents come see the preschool as well, and they acted a little shy walking their Moms and Dads around. But, as soon as the parents were gone, the fun began and they got really excited.

For sure the favorite part is the reading corner. I've set it up with pillows and blankets so they can "read" their books. They're fantastic at reading the pictures! 

We had to have a big talk about the fireplace. That was my only concern with the new room. They have done absolutely fantastic. They know they are not allowed to go near it and if they do they have to be in the time out area, and so far they've all done wonderful!

This week our main focus was getting used to the new preschool. We did activities in all areas of the room.

We learned the "turkey pokey" in the music corner. We stuck our left wing, right wing, drumstick, stuffing, and turkey feathers in and out all week. 

We painted our own water color pictures at our table and let them dry at the art table. 

We practiced the letter E and N at the learning area. 

And, we of course had play time!

In the end though, even more than the reading corner, the bathroom may have been the biggest hit. It has 3 light switches, a step stool, and purple walls. All students had to test out the new bathroom and I laughed at how many students needed to go again five minutes later.

My little kiddos keep me on their toes and I am so grateful I get to teach them. I love my job! 

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